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California Private Investigators

Offering services to the entire state of California, AMO Investigations is a full service private investigations agency that specializes in workplace, legal, and domestic investigations. AMO Investigations is a fully insured and licensed agency in California by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Established in 1996, our investigators have been offering premier investigative services to companies, and individuals utilizing the latest investigative techniques and equipment available to the investigations industry.

Who We Work With

We work with business owners across California in need of Employee theft investigations, cargo theft investigations, sexual harassment, employee violence, misconducts, and more. We also work with attorneys and legal teams to help them prepare for litigation assignments. Lastly, we work with the general public to help them find peace of mind.

Our goal, at AMO Investigations, is to work with our client’s best interest in mind to help them find the information they need to make difficult; financial and life changing decisions.

Working With AMO Investigations, Inc.

Today’s consumers expect more than the tireless efforts of investigative agencies. They expect the top-shelf customer service that they deserve. You can rest assure that AMO Investigations will work with our clients every step of the way to find the information they are looking for. We tailor each and every one of our client’s experience to fit their individual needs while providing them with the stellar service they deserve.


Surveillance Services

At AMO Investigations, we equip our investigators with the latest investigative tools and resources to help them find the evidence needed by our clients across any challenge or weather condition.

Our agents are trained in the most up to date investigative and surveillance laws to complete our client's investigation in a legal and ethical manner.

Over 20 Years of

Private Investigation Experience

Established in the state of California in 1996, AMO Investigations is a full service private investigations agency that specializes in workplace investigation. Founded by Amo Virk with over 20 years of investigative experience across California and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership/Business Administration; Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Management; and Bachelor’s Degree in Work Force Education and Training, our agency has helped companies across California find creative solutions for their workplace investigations.

Fraud Investigations

Our private investigators have conducted fraud investigations across California for over 15 years. Our agency was originally established work with Insurance companies and expanded our services to different industries. We understand our client's concerns when it comes to combating fraud and identifying legitimate claims.

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Workplace Investigations

Our team of bilingual, qualified investigators and security experts have years of experience and understand the issues of concern faced by employers in today’s business environment. From hiring or firing an employee to acquiring/merging a business, intelligent information is not only vital, it is necessary.

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Civil Investigations

Our private investigators work with attorneys and legal teams across the state of California to help them collect the information and evidence they need in order to move forward with litigation. Our team of experts is is contracted by attorneys to help locate witnesses, interview said witnesses, and conduct different legal investigation assignments.

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Need More Help?

Amo your skills and knowledge in workplace investigations and understandings in Police Union dealings has greatly assisted me in my on several cases. Thank you!  And great job on your recent court testimony.

Paul Everett CarrerasWorkplace Investigations Attorney

You are my go-to guys for all my mortgage investigation, I have never had any complaints on any case files, thank you for the great work you guys do!

Joe SikonSIU Manager

I don’t know how you guys got this done, but thank you on a thorough and complete AOE/COE investigation. I send all my difficult files to you but you do them with ease!

St. Paul Travelers InsuranceWalnut Creek, California

Thank you for the awesome case investigations. We knew this was a fraudulent case, however needed a thorough vehicle theft investigation to prove it.

Coast National Insurance CompanyCalifornia

Whenever I have any cases, I send them to you guys, you guys have always done a superb job on all my surveillance cases!

Maxwell & AssociatesWashington
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AMO Investigations offers private investigation services to businesses, attorneys, and the general public across California. Our investigators are trained and equipped in the latest investigative techniques.

Our administrative office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. We may reply to emails outside of usual business hours and on weekends. If you are a standing client, you will have access to your assigned investigator at all times.

Insurance Investigations

We work with insurance companies to help them find the information they need to make educated claim decisions.

Civil Investigations

Our team works with attorneys across California to help prepare them for litigation proceedings.

Workplace Investigations

We help business owners investigate sexual harassment, employee theft, cargo theft, workplace violence, employee misconduct, and more.

Contact Amo Investigations | PH: (916) 240-4571 | FX: (916) 307-5742

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